Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nicolenanina Stem Cells in Mexico

My dear friend, a talented artist living with MS is traveling to Mexico to use her own stem cells to fight MS. She left today on her journey...

Hear her message of hope:

"Hi friends I will be turning on my "Away Message" very soon, I will be heading to Mexico for My Adult Stem Cell Transplant where I will use MY OWN STEM CELLS to fight my MS. I hope to return filled with new very much needed strength to continue my battle with MS. I will also be able to continue my fight to allow the use of Adult Stem Cell Transplant's in the USA NOW ! Everyone suffering with an incurable illness or disease knows that we can not wait a DECADE to be able to have an Adult Stem Cell Transplant or any Stem Cell Transplant ! Stem Cells are our HOPE for our future and possibly leading to a cure. How will we ever know if we are not given the chance to practice this in the greatest nation on earth and we are forced to leave our homeland (that I love) and seek treatments in another country. I chose Mexico. If you would like to learn more about Stem Cells please visit nicolenaninaart. My two part Stem Cell Story will be featured in the NJ Herald Newspaper you can pick up a copy at your local store or read it on-line .My story will begin this Sunday June 28th and finish upon my return. My hope is to return with the best of news ,more Hope for us all to share. I can't possibly explain how excited and blessed I have been to have this opportunity. Until my return please stay strong and please stay well, thanks for all of your love and support, NN "All We Need Is Love" SUPPORT THE USE OF ADULT STEM CELLS NOW!!"

Art to Shirt

Art to Shirt, proceeds go to the NMMS. Included in the collection is my donation of "Brain Bouquet".