Monday, December 7, 2009

Interested in adding a MS T-Shirt banner to your blog, website or social networking site?

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Full Disclosure

Hi friends, as a person living with MS for almost 8yrs and having watched my sister also battle this disease for over 22yrs, one of the many obstacles we face is earning a living. Symptoms limit our ablilties to provide and acheive what was previously taken for granted. I'm grateful that I'm still able to work part-time at home as a Copy Artist for a Needlepoint designer, along with managing a household, but sometimes I wish I could do more to provide a little extra income.

I enjoy spreading MS Awareness through my creativity online. For over 2yrs I've learned many new skills and to think I could barely send an email a few yrs ago! I charish my online MS friends, they've helped me in many ways, one being allowing my MS to become mine. Hmmm...How do I explain this? Having a sister with MS, whose now in a care facility has show me two sides of this disease. I've had the pain of watching a loved one battle this and then having to battle it myself. I didn't want to burden my family or deal with this disease in the same way that my sister did. Well, heck we all battle it differently because it's not the same disease for anyone! We must find our own way to move forward! My way to move forward was/is to use my creativity, love of art to spread awareness.

While aimlessly trying to spread awareness through MS Awareness Gallery, I met my"lil bee muse," partner in MS crimes and editor cimmonz, together we co-founded Our Heart Greeting, a creatve giving group that celebrates the Ability in disAbility. I'm happy to report just this last month we celebrated our 2nd yr anniversary. While developing a website for OHG, we learned html, (ok, cimm learned I gained a few tricks), then came a logo, banners and graphic programs. Next came marketing through social networking sites and a Ning Network titled the BuZZ, more skills learned! We've learned not only "puter stuff", but building a life changing friendship. Yes, we have met in person and we're just as silly in person ; )

Well, anyway my point to all this rambling whilst seeing my life flash before my eyes, IS I value all my new and old online MS friends (#MSersRock) on every bulletin board, social networking site I've come to know. You're truely the light of my day whenever I visit with you. I would never compromise our friendships. If you happen to see an ad on my Twitter or any other account, know that it's just me learning new skills and hopefully adding a little to contribute to my family. (believe me it's very I'm trying to keep the ads on topic with full disclosure, meaning they will have a spon tag after the post. If anyone is interested, I'll be sharing whatever info and links that I've found successful on my blog.

So, that's it. My accounts will still contain my random musings & veils of illusion ; ) along with links that hopefully move us forward on our journey with this disease.

And to cimm, razzzzpberry with spray!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art to Shirt Mugs

Art to Shirt, added Mugs to their collection of Artists with MS products. You can now purchase my donation, "Brain Bouquet" on either a t-shirt or mug! Please support this creative awareness effort.

I'm inspired by each artist's donation, their determination to express theme selves is depicted perfectly in,"Beautiful Defiance Mug by Lori Friend". She's been an online friend for over 2yrs and member of OHG's the BuZZ. Lori shared her collage with us and described how photographic moments appear along her walks. The camera is ready with no expectations and suddenly inspired by nature's composition, the "Beautiful Defiance" photo was there waiting for Lori to snap away. The photo depicts how even with MS our shear determination to move forward can produce miracles and beauty, even amidst our most desolate moments.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Results of Poll

Keep #MSAwarenessMonday 44% 8
I Like #MSMonday 56% 10

The winner is, change tag to #MSMonday

See you tomorrow. Tweet MS facts or myths with tag #MSMonday.
I'll also change the twibe.

Thank you to all that voted.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vote for #MSAwarenssMonday Tag Change

Poll will end on Aug 3 2009

UPDATE: I'll close the poll before I go to bed tonight,

Aug 2 10pm EST USA

The Poll is a result of requests I've received that the tag is too long. I agree, but the collection of tweets gathered for #MSAwarenessMonday have been great and I'd hate to lose them. But, I'll go with the majority!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MS Awareness Monday

#MSAwarenessMonday began a little over a month ago and I feel very positive that soon we'll reach our goal of becoming a Trending Topic. Why is that the goal? Well, the more people that become aware of MS the closer we are to a Cure. What, how so? I believe the number of cases for MS is on the rise and that dang 400,000 number is outragous. I've found that many people probably know someone with MS. How many of you've heard, "oh, my neighbor, my friend my bla bla bla has MS." They'd like to help, but don't really understand the disease. I believe, education and awareness is key to gathering our friends, relatives and neighbors into a large army that can assist us in a world free of MS.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nicolenanina Stem Cells in Mexico

My dear friend, a talented artist living with MS is traveling to Mexico to use her own stem cells to fight MS. She left today on her journey...

Hear her message of hope:

"Hi friends I will be turning on my "Away Message" very soon, I will be heading to Mexico for My Adult Stem Cell Transplant where I will use MY OWN STEM CELLS to fight my MS. I hope to return filled with new very much needed strength to continue my battle with MS. I will also be able to continue my fight to allow the use of Adult Stem Cell Transplant's in the USA NOW ! Everyone suffering with an incurable illness or disease knows that we can not wait a DECADE to be able to have an Adult Stem Cell Transplant or any Stem Cell Transplant ! Stem Cells are our HOPE for our future and possibly leading to a cure. How will we ever know if we are not given the chance to practice this in the greatest nation on earth and we are forced to leave our homeland (that I love) and seek treatments in another country. I chose Mexico. If you would like to learn more about Stem Cells please visit nicolenaninaart. My two part Stem Cell Story will be featured in the NJ Herald Newspaper you can pick up a copy at your local store or read it on-line .My story will begin this Sunday June 28th and finish upon my return. My hope is to return with the best of news ,more Hope for us all to share. I can't possibly explain how excited and blessed I have been to have this opportunity. Until my return please stay strong and please stay well, thanks for all of your love and support, NN "All We Need Is Love" SUPPORT THE USE OF ADULT STEM CELLS NOW!!"

Art to Shirt

Art to Shirt, proceeds go to the NMMS. Included in the collection is my donation of "Brain Bouquet".