Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Full Disclosure

Hi friends, as a person living with MS for almost 8yrs and having watched my sister also battle this disease for over 22yrs, one of the many obstacles we face is earning a living. Symptoms limit our ablilties to provide and acheive what was previously taken for granted. I'm grateful that I'm still able to work part-time at home as a Copy Artist for a Needlepoint designer, along with managing a household, but sometimes I wish I could do more to provide a little extra income.

I enjoy spreading MS Awareness through my creativity online. For over 2yrs I've learned many new skills and to think I could barely send an email a few yrs ago! I charish my online MS friends, they've helped me in many ways, one being allowing my MS to become mine. Hmmm...How do I explain this? Having a sister with MS, whose now in a care facility has show me two sides of this disease. I've had the pain of watching a loved one battle this and then having to battle it myself. I didn't want to burden my family or deal with this disease in the same way that my sister did. Well, heck we all battle it differently because it's not the same disease for anyone! We must find our own way to move forward! My way to move forward was/is to use my creativity, love of art to spread awareness.

While aimlessly trying to spread awareness through MS Awareness Gallery, I met my"lil bee muse," partner in MS crimes and editor cimmonz, together we co-founded Our Heart Greeting, a creatve giving group that celebrates the Ability in disAbility. I'm happy to report just this last month we celebrated our 2nd yr anniversary. While developing a website for OHG, we learned html, (ok, cimm learned I gained a few tricks), then came a logo, banners and graphic programs. Next came marketing through social networking sites and a Ning Network titled the BuZZ, more skills learned! We've learned not only "puter stuff", but building a life changing friendship. Yes, we have met in person and we're just as silly in person ; )

Well, anyway my point to all this rambling whilst seeing my life flash before my eyes, IS I value all my new and old online MS friends (#MSersRock) on every bulletin board, social networking site I've come to know. You're truely the light of my day whenever I visit with you. I would never compromise our friendships. If you happen to see an ad on my Twitter or any other account, know that it's just me learning new skills and hopefully adding a little to contribute to my family. (believe me it's very I'm trying to keep the ads on topic with full disclosure, meaning they will have a spon tag after the post. If anyone is interested, I'll be sharing whatever info and links that I've found successful on my blog.

So, that's it. My accounts will still contain my random musings & veils of illusion ; ) along with links that hopefully move us forward on our journey with this disease.

And to cimm, razzzzpberry with spray!

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