Monday, February 22, 2010

Catch the Wave of Awareness Around the World for MS

March is National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Education & Awareness Month

March 8-14, 2010 is MS Awareness Week

Postcards are a great way to increase awareness for MS.
Join the wave around the world to wave good-bye to MS, one postcard at a time!

the Awareness Postcard Campaign HERE
the E-Wave Newsletter 1 HERE

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Herrad said...

It has been awhile since I visited many blogs.
Decided to do a quick visit to say hello to as many blogs as possible tonight..
Nice to visit your blog its been ages, I am sure it will not be so long again especially now my life is getting better.
I went out this afternoon for the first time since 19 August 2009 and it was brilliant.
Lovely to feel my world getting bigger again after all this time in bed.
Have a good evening and a pleasant day tomorrow.
Please visit Steve @ The Wheel Of Fortuna

Important we support him in the first weeks of his bereavement.